The sister and brother of the 64-year-old retired scientist, whose decomposing body was found in abandoned quarter, are battling mental problems.

“Both the siblings were brought to our hospital last night. The sister definitely suffers from some paranoid mental illness, most likely schizophrenia. We think the brother too has some form of mental illness,” said Dr Nimesh Desai, director of Institute of Human Behaviour and Allied Sciences (IHBAS).

He says that he has been receiving such cases, where the elderly patient lives in a psychotic denial of the death of a loved one. And, the problem is compounded by several members of the family suffering from some form of mental illness – diseases like schizophrenia runs in families – with nobody to care for them.

“There has been an increase in such cases mainly due to urban lifestyle, people living in smaller families and social isolation. This is why outreach programmes become necessary. But, the country still has a long way to go when it comes to comprehensive mental health care,” said Dr Desai. READ MORE

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